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Academic Activities

Seminar Schedule,2018
Department of Chemical Engineering, National Chung Cheng University  (PDF
Date Location Topics Speaker
2018.09.26 Innovation Building, R110 Grant challenges and possible strategies for applications of H2 based green energy (H2 storage) Prof. Tsan-Yao Chen, Department of Engineering and System Science,
National Tsing Hua University
2018.10.17 Engineering Building B, R119 Utilizing Scattering and Rheological Methods in Investigating the Solution Properties of Polymer Composite and Polyelectrolyte Systems Chien You Su, PhD candidate, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Chung Cheng University
2018.10.31 Engineering Building B, R119 An Engineering Approach to Find the Possible Path to Polypeptides in the Prebiotic World Prof. Sheng-Sheng Yu
Department of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
2018.11.21 Innovation Building, R110 Bioinspired Materials and Their Applications Prof. Ho-Hsiu Chou
Department of Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University.
2018.11.28 Innovation Building, R110 Starry Sky Mr, Chi-Sheng Lin
Graduate Institute of Astronomy National Central University
2018.12.05 Engineering Building B, R119 Machine Learning for Predicting the Electronic Coupling of Organic Semiconductors Dr. Chun-I Wang Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica
2018.12.19 Engineering Building B, R119 Advanced Synthesis of Inorganic Nanostructures Prof. Hsin-Lun Wu Department of Chemistry
National Cheng Kung University.