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Bachelor Degree

The degrees which are administered by the Department of Chemical  Engineering are the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, the Master of Chemical Engineering, and the Doctor of Philosophy.  The requirements for each of these degrees are stated in more detail in each directory.
Bachelor Degree
The exact courses required for the undergraduate degree are listed in the following table.
Course Timetable (for 2018 freshman)
1.  A total credit hours required                136   credit hrs     including 
 1)General Education Courses               28    credit hrs
 2)Required Courses                                82    credit hrs
 3)Departmental Elective Courses        20    credit hrs
 4)Elective Courses                                  6    credit hrs
2.  Courses: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
(1)General Education: 28 hrs F S F S F S F S
Field I: Languish(Required)                
Minor 1: Knowledge and Application of Chinese(4 Credit hrs) 2 2            
Minor 2: Foreign Languish(4 Credit hrs) 2 2            
Field II: Mathematics(not required) ★ The courses in Field II to Field V can be taken anytime by the graduation.

★    Some courses in Field V can not be used for General Education credits including
     Minor 1: All courses related to “Physics”
     Minor 2: All courses related to “Chemistry”
Field III: Culture(at least two courses)
Field IV: Sociology(at least two courses)
Field V: Science(at least two courses)
Physical Excise(0 Credit hr)(Freshman and Sophomore)
Life Experiencing and Community Service(20 Credit hrs
Have to pass language proficiency test and information competency test
2Required Course: Total  82credit hrs
Calculus(8 credit hrs) 4 4            
General Physics(6 credit hrs) 3 3            
General Physics Laboratory(2 hrs) 1 1            
General Chemistry(6 credit hrs) 3 3            
General Chemistry Laboratory(2 credit hrs) 1 1            
Introduction to Chemical Engineering(1 credit hr) 1              
Energy and Mass Balance(3 credit hrs)   3            
Engineering Mathematics(6 credit hrs)     3 3        
Organic Chemistry(6 credit hrs)     3 3        
Organic Chemistry Laboratory(2 credit hrs)     1 1        
Materials Science or Biology(3 credit hrs)     3          
Unit Operation and Transport Phenomenon(9 credit hrs)       3 3 3    
Physical Chemistry(6 credit hrs)       3 3      
Physical Chemistry Laboratory(2 credit hrs)       1 1      
Instrumental Analysis(3 credit hrs)         3      
Instrumental Analysis Laboratory(1 credit hr)           1    
Process Control(3 credit hrs)           3    
Chemical Thermodynamics(3 credit hrs)         3      
Chemical Engineering Laboratory(4 credit hrs)           2 2  
Chemical Reaction Engineering(3 credit hrs)           3    
Process Control & Undergraduate Seminar(3 credit hrs)             3  
3Departmental Elective Courses: Total 20 credit hrs
Freshman(All courses are 3 credit hrs)
Computer Programming Languages or Numerical Computation Methods  
Sophomore(All courses are 3 credit hrs)
Computer Programming Languages or Numerical Computation Methods Applied Statistics Electric Circuits and Electronics
Engineering Mechanics Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Reaction Engineering Biochemistry
Introduction to Chemical Process Safety Fine chemicals Physical Properties of Inorganic Materials
Junior(Except 1 credit hr for ”Special topics (I)”,other courses are 3 credit hrs)
Applied Mathematics for Chemical Engineering Specialty Chemicals Introduction to Biotechnology
Introduction to Catalyst Chemistry Introduction to Polymer Science Introduction to Tissue Engineering
Industrial Electrochemistry Introduction to Polymer Processing Biomedical Materials
Special Topics(一) Polymeric Materials and Processing Introduction to Bioseparation
optical and electronic materials Separation Process Polymer Physics
Senior(Except 1 credit hr for ”Special topics (I)”、Undergraduate Seminar and Selected Literature Reading,other courses are 3 credit hrs)
Special Topics(II) Undergraduate Seminar and Selected Literature Reading(Required Courses) Fermentation Processes Engineering
Forensic Material Identification Powder Technology Topics in Biomedical Science
Biotechnology Statistical Thermodynamics Nonlinear Dynamics
Biochemical Engineering
Polymer Dynamics Anionic Polymerization
Advanced Transport Phenomena Electronic Packaging Advanced Forensic Material Identification
(4)Elective Courses: Total 6 credit hrs
  1.  Except Minor 2 in Field I, when General Education courses are taken more than 30 credit hours, the extra credits can not be used for Elective courses or total graduation credits.
  2. The credits of Military Training and Nursing can not used for Elective courses or total graduation credits.
  3. The credits of Teacher Education courses can be used for Elective courses or total graduation credits.